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Great 98.9 provides great quality programming to the Greater Newburgh area.....All Day, All Night.....All the Time! Now, here's an opportunity for Great 98.9 listeners and business owners to help support our station by underwriting part of our broadcast day and having a direct link to a loyal customer base. WDXM-LP Great 98.9 is a non-commercial, non-profit radio station licensed to Newburgh Enlightenment Radio Center, Inc.  Unlike commercial stations, we may not sell commercial time to cover operating expenses.  We rely solely on the support of the community we serve to stay on the air. Most of the station's financial support will come from individuals, groups and businesses in the form of underwriting the daily operations of WDXM. Non-commercial radio stations traditionally say "thank you" for this support in the form of underwriting acknowledgements. While the FCC prohibits such stations as ours from selling commercial time, the commission endorses the use of underwriting acknowledgements as a means for stations to thank those who support them. The Federal Communications Commission authorizes non-commercial stations like the Great 98.9 to acknowledge gifts or grants from persons, businesses or organizations that underwrite specific programs or portions of programs in support of our station. This support can be in the form of money, goods or services and will provide operating funds for the station and for the future growth of the radio station. Recognition of those gifts on the air is referred to as an underwriting message. Underwriting is a cost-effective investment in public relations, image promotion, and recognition.  Don't let your name get lost in the sea of commercial radio messages– let Great 98.9's exclusive identification work for you. Your underwriting announcement informs the listener just exactly who you are and what you provide and that you are an active supporter of The Great 98, and that you are making their favorite programs possible. So, get your message out daily, frequently and inexpensively to keep your name at the forefront, so when the time comes to make a purchase, your business name is recalled moreso by a listener than by a name that isn't advertised.


*Donations may be acknowledged by a brief announcement, usually 30 seconds or less     *Name of donor      *Slogan or logo identifying the donor      *Brand name may be included
*Address, telephone number, and web site     *A value neutral description of products, goods, and services
*Price information     *Comparative or qualitative statements     *"Calls to action" or statements encouraging listeners to contact or patronize the donor
Repetitive statements (giving name / address several times in one announcement).
If you are a non-profit entity the FCC does allow some relaxation of the rules. They allow us to do more promotion than what is allowed for a for-profit organization.  We do need proof of your non-profit status before producing your underwriting announcement.  Stations may broadcast programs and announcements from bona fide non-profit entities if the material aired is deemed as advancing the public interest, rather than in return for consideration.
Everything a for-profit entity is allowed plus:
*"Calls to action"     *Price information ("suggested donation")      *Printed materials and audio / video tapes may be offered and brief requests for donations     *Comparative or qualitative statements

*Announcements totaling more than 3 minutes out of a 30-minute program encouraging the listener to "send a donation."      *A NCE (Non-Commercial Educational) station is forbidden to "interrupt regular programming" to raise money for any purpose except its own operating expenses. Specifically, money can NOT be raised to help victims of disasters or groups like the Red Cross or Salvation Army, unless done as occasional brief Public Service Announcements.

Contact us at (812) 204-1180 or email us to find out more.

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